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i don't really know what to say about me except maybe that i'm german and 17 years old and i really like the human skin or morbid stuff and art in every way
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Glow of lava is reflected in steam plume at water’s edge east of Kupapa‘u Point. A littoral cone formed by spatter from steam explosions sits on top of the sea cliff to the right. 10 February 1988
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to separate and unite body and soul - (Gouache)
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nature & hippie blog
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“I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real.”

Marc Jacobs   (via nofatnowhip)

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If Andromeda were brighter, this is how it would look in our night sky. They’re all out there, we just can’t see them
Distance to Earth: 2,538,000 light years
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Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a 180 ft tall, roughly 1500 year old California Redwood tree for 738 days between December 10, 1997 and December 18, 1999. Hill lived in the tree, affectionately known as “Luna,” to prevent Pacific Lumber Company loggers from cutting it down.

she wrote a book about her time in the tree its really crazy at one point shes sobbing and she hugs the tree and the tree starts like pouring sap!! and it wasnt the time of year it would do that or anything